Be still for the presence of the Lord | 為著主的同在而安靜

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Praise your Lord while alive.   He loves us and wait for us to return from our sinful life that repeatedly offends Him.  He sacrifices for us. He deserves our praise and thanksgiving.  Keep in mind his grace and mercy and love every moment while you are still alive.  Be part of God’s kingdom by accepting Jesus Christ today.  Do not follow the steps of the evil one who leads you away from God.

This is a beautiful song millions of believers love!

在活著的時候讚美你的主。 他愛我們,等待我們從一再冒犯他的罪惡生活中回歸。 他為我們犧牲。 他值得我們讚美和感謝。 在你還活著的每一刻,記住他的恩典、憐憫和愛。 今天就接受耶穌基督,成為神國度的一部分。 不要跟隨那帶領你遠離上帝的邪惡者的腳步。


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