LIFE IS SHORT | Live Every Day for God – Billy Graham Inspirational & Motivational Video 生命短暫| 為神而活每一天

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Let us pray to God for his blessing.  Ask him for his mercy and wisdom so that we would know how to live our life for him.  We want to be accepted into God’s Kingdom as we are sheep on His pasture and we belong to Him, and would like His love from now to eternity.  讓我們向上帝祈禱,祈求他的祝福。 祈求他的憐憫和智慧,讓我們知道如何為他而活。 我們希望被接納進入上帝的王國,因為我們是祂牧場上的羊,並希望從現在到永恆都得到祂的愛。

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