Priests help woman possessed by the devil | 牧師幫助被惡魔附身的女人

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Editor’s note: This phenomenon is real.  This often occurs to people who have some special “talents” and can see or hear something other people cannot and those who actually communicate with the devil or worship the devil.  The only solution is to ask pastors or priests to help dispel the devil.  Priests and pastors would in the name of Jesus order the devil to leave the possessed person.   Usually, the devil or evil spirit is not willing to leave the possessed person.  So the exorcism ritual can last quite some time.

編者按:這種現像是真實存在的。 這經常發生在有一些特殊“才能”並且可以看到或聽到其他人無法看到或聽到的東西的人以及那些真正與魔鬼交流或崇拜魔鬼的人。 唯一的辦法就是請牧師或神父幫忙驅魔。 牧師和牧師會奉耶穌的名命令魔鬼離開被附身的人。 通常,魔鬼或邪靈都不願意離開被附身的人。 所以驅魔儀式可以持續相當長的時間。


A 28-year-old woman from Italy, accompanied by her family, went to the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Mount Berico in the north of Vicenza on the morning of the 5th to confess; unexpectedly, the woman suddenly said aloud in the church during the process Screaming and cursing, and attacking the priest. After the woman was stopped, the four priests in the church claimed that she was possessed by the devil and immediately exorcised the woman. It was not announced until 8:30 in the evening, and the woman’s family took her home to rest.

28-year-old female church confessed, 3 voices burst out! 4 The priest spent 9 hours to exorcise. According to a report from “Dailymail”, when a woman and her family went to the Church of Our Lady of Mount Belico to pray and repent, she suddenly screamed in the church uncontrollably except with 3 different sounds (likely three spirits). She cursed viciously, slapped her mother in the face, and attacked a priest who was presiding over the ceremony.

After the woman was stopped, four priests said that she had been possessed by the devil, so that she would have such an abnormal behavior, and immediately held an exorcism ritual, which lasted 9 hours and lasted until 8:30 in the evening. When it was over, the woman immediately fainted and was taken home by her parents and younger brother to recuperate. One of the priests, Carlo Rossato, who participated in the exorcism ceremony, said, “This woman was really possessed by the demon. We performed the exorcism ceremony for her for this purpose. It was not until she was quiet in the evening that the ceremony finally ended. success.”

The report pointed out that the woman’s mother believed that her daughter was affected by the devil to become violent. Therefore, she was taken to the church to pray. Unexpectedly, the daughter suddenly lost control on the way (TV series). Fortunately, there is no major problem at present; but the woman’s father believes that The daughter behaved abnormally because she suffered from mental illness. She has contacted relevant units for help.


意大利1名28岁女子,5日上午在家人陪同下前往北部维辰札(Vicenza)的贝里科山圣母教堂(Sanctuary of Saint Mary ofMount Berico)告解;岂料,过程中女子突然在教堂内放声尖叫和咒骂,还攻击神父。女子被人制止后,教堂内的4名神父声称其被魔鬼附身,立即对女子进行驱魔,直到晚间8时30分才宣告结束,由女子家人带其返家休息。

28岁女教堂告解 突发出3种声音!4神父花9小时驱魔根据《Dailymail》报道,1名女子日前与家人前往贝里科山圣母教堂进行祈祷忏悔时,突然不受控制的在教堂内尖叫,除了以3种不同的声音发出恶毒咒骂,期间还打了自己的母亲一个耳光,还袭击1名正在主持仪式的神父。

女子被制止后,有4名神父表示其已遭到魔鬼附身,才会有如此反常的举动,并立即举行驱魔仪式,时间长达9个小时的仪式,一直进行到晚间8时30分才结束,女子随即昏倒在地,之后便由父母与弟弟带回家休养。其中1名参与驱魔仪式的神父卡罗(Carlo Rossato)表示,“这名女子是真的被恶魔附身,我们为此替她进行驱魔仪式,一直到晚间她安静下来后,仪式才终于成功。”


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