40% cases of covid 19 infection asymptomatic | 40%的covid 19感染病例無症狀

A meta-analysis of data from 95 studies of nearly 30 million people shows that among confirmed cases, 40.5% show asymptomatic while among the tested, 0.25% are asymptomatic.

In other words, 40.5% patients do not show symptoms of covid 19.  The study was meant to highlight “the potential transmission risk of asymptomatic infections in communities.”

However, this high percentage of asymptomatic 19 infection cases also means that the viral infection does not seem to cause anything to a large portion of population.

一項對近 3000 萬人的 95 項研究數據的薈萃分析顯示,在確診病例中,40.5% 的人沒有症狀,而在被檢測者中,0.25% 的人沒有症狀。

換句話說,40.5% 的患者沒有表現出 covid 19 的症狀。該研究旨在強調“社區中無症狀感染者的潛在傳播風險”。

然而,這一高比例的無症狀 19 感染病例也意味著病毒感染似乎不會對大部分人口造成任何影響。


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