Is death something you are scared of? 你害怕死亡嗎?

Covid 19 pandemic got you down? Think of death too much too often?

Do not fear death from covid 19 because you will surely die from something else if not from covid 19.  Either way, you will die.  So don’t be afraid.

Do not let others to scare you to death when they told you that you have a 0.01% risk of dying from covid 19.  Do not let others take advantage of your fear of death.  More than 10,000 people die every day in the U.S. even without covid 19. 

Death is the end of an old life and the start of a new life.  Important is having your life in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why didn’t she fear death

Not long ago, a church lady passed away. She chose to die and rejected any help that might help her live longer.  She suffered from cancer and some other conditions.  She was relatively young but considered it the time for her to go.  We were trying to figure out how to help her.   Tried to go with other church fella to help her.   But our pastor explained that she did not want help and she was ready to go.

Why could she face death like face nothing?  She trusted God!  God makes a difference.  Many people who are worried about covid 19 pandemic are non-believers.  Their lives are purely physical.  And once they die, then they are history forever.  So they are the people who fear death most.

Obsession in fear of death leaves us no time for living a good life

In this society and beyond, death constantly scares so many people so much that it causes a lot of problems in a person’s daily life.   Many things we do every day is try to avoid death.  Fearing of death is the attitude of modern humans.  I remembered once a doctor said that it is a good thing to buy a house near a hospital because if something urgent happens to a person, she or he could be rushed to the hospital quickly.  While the benefit may be obvious, but the fear of death can actually seize all much of your attention to death stead of living a good life.

Yes. You should not take your life lightly.  But too much death fear can make your life miserable.

Business legitimate or not can be based on people’s fear of death

Death, dead, got killed, kill you etc are powerful words in all sorts of business.  When someone robs a bank, he would demand for money by saying if you don’t give me money, I kill you.  The same can be heard when someone rob you.  When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are told that if you do not start treatment, you cannot live over six months.

During this covid 19 pandemic, they tell you that you have 0.1 or 0.01% risk of dying from covid 19 and using vaccines is the only thing you can do to lower your risk.  (They “forgot to tell you that the covid 19 vaccines kill people too.”  The point is, fear of death is the basis for many businesses, legitimate or not.

Fear of death can make you make bad decisions

For instance, this covid 19 pandemic may kill 0.01% or 0.1% infected people depending on who you are.  Then people are told that how risky the infection is.  How many infected people have died thus far.  They forgot to tell you that even if there is no infection or illness, people die every day.  In the U.S., there about 300 millions of people.   This number is relatively stable.  So every year, about 3.5 to 5 millions of babies are born, and an equal number of people die from whatever reasons.   That is 100,000 people dying every day, covid 19 or not.  Fear makes people think irrationally.  And then you know what happens is many people go to receive covid 19 vaccines without asking any questions about efficacy and safety.   Because of the death fear, people do things unnecessary or even harmful to themselves!

Death is part of your normal life. It is the conclusion of your life!

Death is part of our normal life.  No matter what life you live, not matter how rich you are.  No matter how hard you try to avoid death, your chance to die is 100%.   You die sooner or later one way or another.  However, 99.99% people forget about this and are obsessively obsessed with the fear of death.  To such a point, they tend to make bad decisions only to hurt themselves.  Too much fear leaves them no time for living a good life.  You can see many weird things happen during the covid 19 pandemic.  You need to ask why.

Do not feel threaten by death, find peace in God

Be realistic. Face the reality.  Value your life and enjoy your life.  Do not let others to scare you with a reminder that “if you do not do this or that, you are going to die”.

In the West, many people have their faith in Jesus Christ.  They know their physical life will end when the time comes.  But they also know their spirits will go on to live in the heaven with God.   Think about the life after the earthly life.  You would live a better life if you let God take care of your life.  Death cannot scare God’s people.  A true believer should have that confidence.  No hardship, no disease, no evil people can take you away from God’s kingdom.  You belong to God, and should live a life that pleases God, but not people.  Fear of death should not be part of your life even though death is.

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18:2)

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for he never forsakes us.  Read a few verses here to have some inspiration.


Covid 19大流行讓你失望了? 想太多太多太頻繁? 不要害怕死於 covid 19,因為如果不是死於 covid 19,你肯定會死於其他疾病。無論哪種方式,你都會死。 不要害怕。 當他們告訴您您有 0.01% 的死於 covid 19 的風險時,不要讓他們嚇死您。不要讓其他人利用您對死亡的恐懼。 即使沒有 Covid 19,美國每天也有超過 10,000 人死亡。



為什麼她可以面無表情地面對死亡?她信靠上帝!上帝有所作為。許多擔心covid 19大流行的人是非信徒。他們的生活純粹是肉體的。一旦他們死了,那麼他們將永遠成為歷史。所以他們是最害怕死亡的人。





死亡、死亡、被殺、殺了你等在各種業務中都是強有力的詞。當有人搶劫銀行時,他會說如果你不給我錢,我就殺了你。當有人搶劫您時,也可以聽到同樣的聲音。當您被診斷出患有癌症時,您會被告知,如果您不開始治療,您的生命將無法超過 6 個月。

在這次 covid 19 大流行期間,他們告訴您死於 covid 19 的風險為 0.1% 或 0.01%,而使用疫苗是降低風險的唯一方法。 (他們“忘了告訴你,covid 19 疫苗也會殺死人。”關鍵是,對死亡的恐懼是許多企業的基礎,無論是否合法。


例如,這種 covid 19 大流行可能會殺死 0.01% 或 0.1% 的感染者,具體取決於您是誰。然後人們被告知感染的風險有多大。到目前為止,有多少感染者死亡。他們忘了告訴你,即使沒有感染或疾病,每天都有人死去。在美國,大約有 3 億人。這個數字比較穩定。因此,每年大約有 3.5 到 5 百萬嬰兒出生,並且同樣數量的人死於任何原因。也就是說,每天有 100,000 人死亡,無論是否為 Covid 19。恐懼讓人不理智地思考。然後你知道會發生什麼,很多人在沒有問任何關於有效性和安全性的問題的情況下就去接種了 covid 19 疫苗。因為對死亡的恐懼,人們會做一些不必要的事情,甚至是對自己有害的事情!


死亡是我們正常生活的一部分。不管你過著怎樣的生活,不管你有多富有。無論你多麼努力地避免死亡,你的死亡機率都是 100%。你遲早會以某種方式死去。然而,99.99%的人都忘記了這一點,對死亡的恐懼著迷。在這種情況下,他們往往會做出錯誤的決定,只會傷害自己。太多的恐懼讓他們沒有時間過上美好的生活。在covid 19大流行期間,您可以看到許多奇怪的事情。你需要問為什麼。

不要感到死亡的威脅, 在上帝里面尋找平安



Should you trust Science? They told you to trust science?  Who are they to tell you to trust science?  Who owns science?  What is science? Are science studies or reports trustworthy?  Even many so called Christians are foolish enough to worship science that is full of lies instead of worshiping God!   They challenge the authorship of God for creating humanity and they think they can help God do better by creating medicine and other tools.  They forget that the deterioration of their health in large measure is caused by their sinful lifestyle!  May God forgive them.

你應該相信科學嗎? 他們告訴你要相信科學? 他們是誰告訴你要相信科學? 誰擁有科學? 什麼是科學? 科學研究或報告可信嗎? 甚至許多所謂的基督徒也愚蠢到崇拜充滿謊言的科學而不是崇拜上帝! 他們挑戰上帝創造人類的作者身份,他們認為他們可以通過創造醫學和其他工具來幫助上帝做得更好。 他們忘記了他們的健康在很大程度上惡化是由他們有罪的生活方式造成的! 願上帝赦免他們的罪。

Is science your God? 科學是你的上帝嗎?

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