Afraid of COVID, Moderna Pulls Out of Major Industry Conference | 由於害怕COVID,Moderna退出了主要行業會議

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The message is loud and clear:  Covid 19 vaccines are useless, and the vaccine makers know that!.


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In a you-can’t-make-this-up type of moment, Moderna, which manufactures the COVID-19 mRNA jab, has pulled out of a major biotech conference, citing concerns over the pandemic and the number of people expected at the conference.

The organizer of the conference, J.P. Morgan, is insisting that the CEOs of the biotechs in attendance appear in person. Apparently, the CEOs — presuming they’ve gotten the shots they make — would rather pull out of the conference completely, than trust their own product to work.



Alex Berenson December 15, 2021

STAT December 14, 2021

信息響亮而明確:Covid 19疫苗毫無用處,疫苗製造商知道這一點!  在一個你不能彌補的時刻,製造COVID-19 mRNA疫苗的Moderna已經退出了一個主要的生物技術會議,理由是對大流行的擔憂以及會議的預期人數。會議的召集人摩根大通(J.P.Morgan)堅持要求出席的生物技術公司的首席執行官親自出席。顯然,CEO們——假設他們已經掌握了他們所做的一切——寧願完全退出會議,也不願相信自己的產品能夠發揮作用。

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