After covid mandate, the labs that do periodic PCR test will collect and sell your DNA 在 Covid 授權後,進行定期 PCR 測試的實驗室將收集並出售您的 DNA

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Be highly alerted.  Periodic PCR tests do nothing good than giving your DNA to the testing labs.  The testing labs will sell your DNA to the government, and medical organizations.  It has been reported that some labs are already doing this.  Actually all PCR testing labs are doing this because they have no reasons not to as long as there are buyers.  They ask you for all sorts of personal information when you submit your sample?  Why?

People who refuse to take covid 19 vaccines are more likely conservatives and Christians.  The DNA collected through the PCR tests can give some evil organizations to design a new virus that can wipe out or at least kill many of these God-loving people.

高度警惕。 定期 PCR 測試無益於將您的 DNA 提供給測試實驗室。 檢測實驗室會將您的 DNA 出售給政府和醫療機構。 據報導,一些實驗室已經在這樣做。 實際上所有的 PCR 檢測實驗室都在這樣做。 當您提交樣品時,他們會要求您提供各種個人信息? 為什麼?

拒絕接種 covid 19 疫苗的人更有可能是保守派和基督徒。 通過 PCR 測試收集的 DNA 可以讓一些邪惡組織設計出一種新病毒,這種病毒可以消滅或至少殺死許多這些敬愛上帝的人。


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