Amazon does not offer personal customer services? 亞馬遜不提供個人客戶服務?

Recently one incident has made us think hard about this: it is impossible to find contact information on its website for personal customer services. We have had issues about a mistake Amazon made about returns. It should be said that Amazon issues refunds really fast. But we have been now charged again after they issued the refund and we returned the orders.

Recently, we have returned two orders of masks and we got the receipts for the returns from the shipping company – UPS. And Amazon retained the evidence from UPS that shows the delivery date in our account. In a sense, Amazon acknowledges that UPS has delivered the returns.

Regardless, Amazon sent a notice about 14 days after we requested to return the orders to inform us that it had not received the returns. We tried to contact Amazon and could not find any phone numbers we can use to contact their customer services.. This makes us wonder if Amazon has any customer services in the first place.

Now about one month later, we received a second notice saying that they charged to our credit card again because they said they did not receive the returns. But the notice like the first one did not leave any contact information.

Be alerted to this type of services. Amazon is a market. It does provide some convenience for buyers and sellers. But it seems that it does not provide any personal customer services. It is a do-it-yourself online shopping mall. It does not even give you any email address that you can use to report the mistake they make. Now they force us to pay for items we have already returned.

Do you have such experience? Tell us and we will post it here.

When an online business portal like Amazon grows too big, it can bring to customers a lot of issues. Fixed higher prices, manipulated business practice, no customer services, and as a side effect, destroying of small business. Buyers need to be careful and should not exclusively order products from Amazon which can destroy many small businesses and you will raise a tiger that can come back to hurt you. In the end, customers will need to deal with a monopoly. With a company seizing the overwhelming majority of business, the market crashes and customers suffer.

Be alerted. Maybe it is time for the government to break up Amazon?









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