Breaking news: Indian trial proves hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis prevents covid 19 最新消息:印度試驗證明羥氯喹可預防covid 19


Editor’s note: Let your friends know this news. The mainstream news media would not publish any news of this type. This is because publishing this type of news could damage the interest of vaccine makers who pay a lot of money to advertise vaccines in all sorts of media outlets!

Please note that hydroxychloroquine together with zinc sulfate is more effective than hydroxychloroquine/azithronmycin. When hydroxychloroquine is not available, use quercetin and or EGCG or green tea extract which can act as zinc ionophores. Zinc ions are highly effective at stopping replication of viruses, but it can not get into cells easily. Zinc ionphores help zinc get into cells.

編者註:讓您的朋友知道此消息。 主流新聞媒體不會發布任何此類新聞。 這是因為發布此類新聞可能會損害疫苗製造商的利益,因為疫苗製造商要花很多錢在各種媒體上宣傳疫苗!

請注意,羥氯喹與硫酸鋅一起比羥氯喹/阿奇隆黴素更有效。 如果沒有羥基氯喹,請使用槲皮素和/或EGCG或綠茶提取物,它們可以充當鋅離子載體。 鋅離子在阻止病毒複製方面非常有效,但不能輕易進入細胞。 鋅離子載體有助於鋅進入細胞。

Sunday 08/02/2020 ( — A trial report was posted on the website of the Lancet which indicates that hydroxychloroquine is safe and highly effective drug that at risk people such as front line res-ponders or doctors may take to prevent covid 19.

The trial enrolling more than 300 participants found that those who take hydroxychloroquine were 87% less likely to contract covid 19. That is, if among those who did not take the drug, 100 of them got infected with covid 19, then among those taking the drug, only 13 of them contracted the viral infection.

The side effects if ever experienced by the participants were very minor. Only 4.4% participant dropped out due to the side effects. There were no severe side effects.

The study report suggests that hydroxychloroquine can be taken by those at risk of contracting covid 19 like doctors to prevent covid 19.

The method:

One day one, take 600 mg. Then every week, take 400 mg. For the study, participants were observed for a few weeks.

(A doctor here said that the Indian prophylaxis protocol for doctors is similar, but the first day dose is 800 mg, (400 mg a time, twice a day, and then 400 mg per week for seven weeks. People who have a family member diagnosed use the same first day dose, but only use the preventative for three weeks.)

柳葉刀(Lancet)網站上發布了一份試驗報告,該報告表明羥氯喹是安全有效的藥物,處於危險之中的人們(例如前線響應者或醫生)可能會服用該藥物來預防covid 19。

這項試驗招募了300多名參與者,發現服用羥氯喹的人患covid 19的可能性降低了87%。也就是說,如果未服用該藥的人中有100人感染了covid 19,那麼在服用該藥的人中,其中只有13感染了病毒感染。

參加者曾經經歷過的副作用很小。 由於副作用,只有4.4%的參與者停止服藥 。 沒有嚴重的副作用。

該研究報告表明,像醫生預防covid 19一樣,有可能感染covid 19的人可以服用羥氯喹。


一日一服,服用600毫克。 然後每週服用400毫克。 在這項研究中,觀察了參與者數週。

(此處的醫生表示,印度的醫生預防方案相似,但首日劑量為800毫克(一次400毫克,每天兩次,並且 然後每週400毫克,持續7週。被診斷患有家庭成員的人在第一天使用相同的劑量,但僅使用預防劑3週。)

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