Could a Simple Saline Solution Stop COVID — and Maybe All Viruses? | 一個簡單的鹽水溶液能阻止 COVID——也許是所有病毒嗎?

Editor’s note:  You may wonder how we could take advantage of this discovery in our everyday life to help prevent spreading of covid 19 and other viral infections?  One thing we can do is use saline solution instead of soap and alcohol solutions.  You can simply keep your bare hands in a saline solution for some time, and then any possible Sar Cov-2 virus particle will get killed!

編者按:您可能想知道我們如何在日常生活中利用這一發現來幫助防止 COVID 19 和其他病毒感染的傳播? 我們可以做的一件事是使用鹽水溶液代替肥皂和酒精溶液。 你可以簡單地將你的雙手放在鹽水溶液中一段時間,然後任何可能的 Sar Cov-2 病毒顆粒都會被殺死!


New research shows that a simple saline solution stops replication of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19 — almost in its tracks.

The study began in early 2020 and was reported on the preprint server bioRxiV in August 2020. It’s now published in the journal Pharmacology & Translational Science, with the authors saying “In this study, we found that 1.5% NaCl inhibited virus replication by 100% in Vero cells, and 1.1% NaCl was sufficient to inhibit virus replication by 88% in Calu-3 cells.”

The researchers based their work on previous confirmed success with in vitro activity of sodium chloride (NaCl) against other RNA viruses such as mengovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A, human coronavirus 229E and coxsackievirus B3.

The solution they used is considered “hypertonic,” in other words, it has a higher concentration of dissolved NaCl in it than would normally be found in an NaCl solution. Using the formula on monkey kidney cells, they found it’s possible that “hypertonic solutions could be investigated as a prophylaxis or an alternative treatment for COVID-19 patients.”

Noting that “nebulized 3% hypertonic saline treatment for infants with moderate to severe bronchiolitis is safe without any adverse events, such as bronchospasm, cough, or wheezing aggravation” and that previous studies show that “hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargling may have played a role in reducing symptoms and duration of illness caused by COVID-19,” they proposed that COVID treatment could involve a hypertonic form of nasal saline.


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