COVID jabs destroy sperm motility, cause spontaneous abortions, damage women’s ovaries | COVID 刺戳會破壞精子活力,導致自然流產,損害女性卵巢

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Image: COVID jabs destroy sperm motility, cause spontaneous abortions, damage women’s ovaries

(Natural News) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ignored preliminary safety signals in the Pfizer emergency use authorization (EUA) data. After Pfizer was court-ordered to release hundreds of thousands of documents related to their experimental vaccine, researchers uncovered serious safety signals that were ignored by government regulators. There is enough evidence to suggest that the mRNA vaccines pose a threat to pregnancy and contribute to infertility in both females and males.

Vaccine spike proteins concentrate in distal organs, damaging the function of the ovaries

For one, the engineered spike protein that is encoded and translated in the cells of the vaccinated tends to concentrate in the ovaries of women. The vaccine manufacturers had previously asserted that the spike proteins are neutralized in the deltoid muscle immediately after vaccination. Instead, the spike proteins evade immune detection, cause inflammation throughout the body, and concentrate in various distal organs, most notably the ovaries. The ovaries are the glands where eggs form, where female hormones oestrogen and progestogen are synthesized.

In the study, the vaccine-induced spike proteins traveled to the liver, spleen, heart, pituitary gland, the thyroid and the ovaries, causing unknown damage along the way. The total lipid concentration of the spike proteins continued to go up after 15 minutes, from .104ml to 1.34ml after one hour, to 2.34ml after four hours, and then to 12.3ml after 48 hours. Figures from the UK’s Public Health Scotland show massive real-world consequences to the poisoning of women’s ovaries. The number of women suffering ovarian cancer in 2021 was monstrously higher than rates of ovarian cancer from 2017-2020.


Study shows covid-19 vaccine causes damage to men’s sperm

Second, an Israeli study shows that male vaccine recipients experience significant losses to the “total motile count” of their ejaculated sperm. The vaccinated male recipients showed an average sperm count reduction of 22% three months after taking a two-dose series of the covid-19 injection. A 19% sperm reduction remained in the final measurements. The study, published in the journal Andrology, was the first to show how the covid-19 vaccines would depopulate the Earth by attacking male fertility.

Covid jab heightens risk of spontaneous abortion, abnormal implantation

Finally, the EUA data shows that the vaccine heightens the risk of failed implantation, miscarriage, and spontaneous abortion. It turns out that the covid-19 vaccines damage the endocrine system of the body, causing inflammation that harms normal protein synthesis and hormonal balance.

Buried in the Pfizer documents is an important observation on pregnancy loss. Of the 34 known pregnancies exposed to Pfizer covid-19 vaccination prior to February 2021, a total of 23 ended in spontaneous abortion! Another two pregnancies ended in premature baby death; two were ruled intrauterine death; one was a neonatal death; and five had a pending outcome. Out of the 34 cases, only one of the pregnancies had a normal outcome.

The study that Pfizer used to promote the vaccine’s safety examined the vaccine’s effects on 21 Wistar Han rats compared to 21 rats that didn’t receive the jab. The study ignored an entire data set on the increased risk of supernumerary lumbar rib formation in the vaccinated group. This ignored evidence showed that the vaccine is more likely to cause abnormal foetal formation and birth defects. This birth defect was 295% higher in the vaccinated group. Moreover, the number of fertilized ova that failed to implant was twice more likely in the vaccinated group. The regulators didn’t consider these safety signals, and instead they wrote, “Animal studies do not indicate direct or indirect harmful effects with respect to pregnancy.”

How can drug regulators and vaccine manufacturers be trusted at all going forward? With men’s sperm counts falling, with miscarriage, infertility, and ovarian cancer rates going up, the beleaguered populations of the world must stand and say, “Never Again!”

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