Davos attendee: Agenda is to create a “new world order” | 達沃斯與會者:議程是建立“新世界秩序”

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Who give them the authority to create a new world order and who are going to rule or to be ruled under the new world order?  It is the super-rich people, elites that will rule the intellectually and economically poor people who are considered simply living meat bags on the earth by those elites.

As the Bible tells us, the new world order will come true at the end of world when Christians will face intensified persecution (Certain regions Christians are suffering already) and suffer all the hardship.  Then Jesus will come to destroy the evil and save His people.

Read the Bible to understand what is going on in this world.  Be aware that even many church leaders will betray Jesus and serve the Master of the earth or they are actually doing just that right now.  Do not worship the sinful man.  Worship your God only.

The Bible will be banned at certain point in time because the Biblical teachings are against the current cultural norm in many countries.  For instance, the Bible explicitly denounces homosexuality while the world not only accepts but also promotes homosexuality.

誰賦予他們創建新世界秩序的權力,誰將在新世界秩序下統治或被統治? 超級富豪、精英們將統治那些被精英們認為只是地球上的肉包的智力和經濟上的窮人。

正如聖經告訴我們的那樣,新的世界秩序將在世界末日實現,屆時基督徒將受到迫害並遭受所有苦難。 耶穌會來摧毀邪惡並拯救他的子民。

閱讀聖經以了解這個世界上正在發生的事情。 請注意,甚至許多教會領袖也會背叛耶穌並侍奉地球的主人,或者他們實際上正在這樣做。 不要崇拜有罪的人。 只敬拜你的上帝。

聖經將在某個時間點被禁止,因為聖經的教義在許多國家違反了當前的文化規範。 例如,聖經明確譴責同性戀,而世界不僅接受而且提倡同性戀。

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Image: Davos attendee: Agenda is to create a “new world order”

(Natural NewsA Davos speaker explicitly outlined the World Economic Forum’s agenda when he stated that the goal was to create a “new world order.”

(Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from Summit.news)

The remarks were made during the annual elitist confab yesterday by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Here at WEF…there’s a lot of discussion about what the new world order will be…how do we work towards that new normative international order that allows us to address our differences and disputes as the civilized world,” said Zardari.

“I believe that at the moment we are in such a hyper partisan, hyper polarized time that we’re not going to be able to form that new Helsinki today, but going forward…we must form and improve our normative and international institutional order internationally so that we can address these complaints,” he added.

“I hope this time around, once we’re building this new world order or new rules based order, the voice of the global south and the developing world is included,” said Zardari.

Another speaker complained about countries valuing their own sovereignty over the interests of the “world order”.

The establishment media still treats the ‘new world order’ as a conspiracy theory that doesn’t exist, apart from when actual globalists use the phrase, in which case it does exist and is a good thing.

What will life look like under the New World Order?

We don’t have make wild guesses, numerous other Davos attendees have explicitly outlined how it will be manifested.

So-called 5 minute cities which look like prisons.

The end of all car travel.

Implanted brain chips.

A digital database to monitor who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

A new “COVID-scale” pandemic.

A crackdown on “disinformation” that is preventing people from taking vaccines.

The end of free speech.

LGBT subversion of all culture.

A one world religion based on environmentalism.

The acceleration of environmental hysteria to seize more power and reduce living standards.

Elon Musk recently tweeted that the “WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want.”

Davos globalists don’t seem to have received the memo.

Read more at: Summit.news

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