Day trading can make you good money | 日內交易可以讓你賺大錢

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Day trading can make you good money

It takes about five hours to learn to become a profitable trader (methodologically. It will take much longer time for you to practice before your trading becomes profitable.)  You only need to learn the very basic ideas about stock trading, not extensive technical analysis is involved.


You might have heard enough about how difficult it is to make a living by day trading.  But be kindly reminded that most of those who tell you that day trading cannot make you money are actually losers who do not know how to day trade to make it profitable.

Truth be told: day trading can make you rich when you find the right way to do it.  A small proportion of retailer traders know this and they make a lot of money through day trading. They either figure how to day trade to make a living themselves or learning to do that from another person or both.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of retail traders (not trading professionals) cannot get it neither way. Most of them who have tried and failed for years and lost tens of thousands of dollars might have already given up.  They conclude, but wrongly, that day trading does not work. They are part right and part wrong.  They are right because day trading does not work for them.  They are wrong because day trading works for a small percentage of retail traders.

Many traders failed to grasp the essence of trading.  In some cases, they themselves are to blame because they simply could not apply what they learn to their trading activities.  However, in many cases, it is the trainer or educator’s fault. he does not teach their students or coach their trainees the right way even though they can make money by day trading.

If you are in need of making some decent amount of money,  you happen to have a few thousands of dollars to invest, and you want a coach to train you rather than teach you how to day trade to make money, then Dr David Liu can be your the-one-and-only coach on the market who can help you most cost-effectively.

You might have tried Ross Cameron or many others ‘ training programs which cost thousands of dollars year after year as long as you stick to them, and have learned a great deal of day trading knowledge and even skills or strategies, but you still fail consistently.  Now it is time for you to try a different approach.

Dr. Liu who is an industrial scientist turned trading coach provides the following to ensure that you learn enough to make money by day trading:

1) if you have had a couple years of failing experience, the day trading coach can help diagnose your problem; if you are new, he can offer you a short lesson so you can do your own profitable trading quickly and effectively.

2) share his winning strategies which maximize your odds of making profits.  The strategies are simple, sensible, practical, easy to implement, and highly effective.

3) demonstrate real-time how he trades and makes profits with real fund. This allows you to learn first-hand how your teachers actually perform in real day trading. And you can learn from it.  No other trainers do this!

Contact Dr Liu at [email protected] today.





您可能已經聽過很多關於通過日間交易謀生是多麼困難的事情。 但請注意,大多數告訴您當日交易不能讓您賺錢的人實際上都是失敗者,他們不知道如何通過當日交易來盈利。

說實話:當您找到正確的方法時,日內交易可以讓您致富。 一小部分零售商交易者知道這一點,他們通過日內交易賺了很多錢。 他們要么自己想辦法通過日內交易謀生,要么向別人學習如何做到這一點,或者兩者兼而有之。

不幸的是,絕大多數零售交易者(不是交易專業人士)都無法做到這一點。 他們中的大多數人多年來一直嘗試但失敗並損失了數万美元,可能已經放棄了。 他們得出結論,即日交易不起作用,但這是錯誤的。 它們部分正確,部分錯誤。 他們是對的,因為日內交易對他們不起作用。 他們錯了,因為日內交易只適用於一小部分零售交易者。

許多交易者未能掌握交易的本質。 在某些情況下,他們自己應該受到指責,因為他們根本無法將所學到的知識應用到他們的交易活動中。 然而,在許多情況下,這是培訓師或教育者的錯。 即使他們可以通過日內交易賺錢,他也不會以正確的方式教導他們的學生或指導他們的學員。

如果您需要賺一些像樣的錢,並且您恰好有幾千美元可以投資,並且您想要一個教練來培訓您而不是教您如何進行日內交易賺錢,那麼David Liu博士可以 成為市場上唯一一位能夠以最具成本效益的方式幫助您的教練。

你可能嘗試過羅斯·卡梅倫或其他許多人的培訓計劃,只要你堅持下去,年復一年地花費數千美元,並且學到了大量的日內交易知識甚至技能或策略,但你仍然不斷失敗。 現在是時候嘗試不同的方法了。


1)如果您有幾年的失敗經驗,日間交易教練可以幫助診斷您的問題; 如果您是新手,他可以為您提供簡短的課程,以便您可以快速有效地進行自己的盈利交易。

2)分享他的獲勝策略,使您的盈利機會最大化。 這些策略簡單、明智、實用、易於實施、效果顯著。

3)實時展示他如何用真實資金進行交易和盈利。 這使您可以直接了解老師在實時交易中的實際表現。 你可以從中學習。 沒有其他教練能做到這一點!

請立即聯繫劉博士:[email protected]

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