Doctor gets fired for attempting to treat covid 19 patients | 醫生因試圖用伊維菌素治療 COVID-19 患者而被解僱with Ivermectin

Dr. John Witcher, an emergency room physician at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Yazoo City, got reportedly fired for his attempt to treat covid 19 patients with Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has recently been proved in hundreds if not thousands of studies to be highly effective at treating covid 19.  Ivermectin is a FDA approved medication that is intended for treating malaria.  This medication has been banned for treatment of covid 19 in the U.S. for unknown reasons.

What happened is, on Dec 10, three covid patients were admitted to the ER and prescribed Remdesivir which is approved for treating covid 19, but whose efficacy and safety remains concerned.  Dr.  Witcher wanted to substitute Remdesivir for ivermectin as he knows some covid 19 patients did well with ivermectin.

The hospital fired him for his attempt.

This is not an isolated single occasion when a doctor was prohibited from prescribing life-saving ivermectin.   Hospitals often warn doctors not to use ivermectin or they will be fired.  Some doctors and patients sued hospitals in order to use ivermectin, the Noble-prize wining medication, which is known to save lives.

Why hospitals are not allowed to use ivermectin?

Dr. Zelenko first used a set of unconventional treatment including zinc, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D and vitamin C to successfully treat 2000 covid patients.  The treatment is highly effective.

He warned that covid 19 should be treated quickly once symptoms show up.  No one should delay treatment until full blown symptoms that need help from hospitals.

He warns that by all means a patient should avoid going to hospitals.  When you go to hospitals, you receive the palliative care and you are at higher risk of drying from covid 19.

If you feel that you may get covid 19, find a private physician who often enoy more freedom to prescribe medications.  Even better, seek help from a doctor who experienced in treating covid 19.

If you are pretty healthy and get covid 19, you may simply use some supplements.  Some reports on the site shows some information on patient’s experience and treatment protocols.

據報導,亞祖市浸信會紀念醫院急診室醫生約翰·威徹博士因試圖用伊維菌素治療 19 名新冠肺炎患者而被解僱。

伊維菌素最近在數百項甚至數千項研究中被證明在治療 covid 19 方面非常有效。伊維菌素是 FDA 批准的用於治療瘧疾的藥物。出於未知原因,這種藥物在美國已被禁止用於治療 covid 19。

發生的事情是,12 月 10 日,三名新冠肺炎患者被送入急診室,並開了瑞德西韋處方,該藥物已被批准用於治療新冠肺炎 19,但其療效和安全性仍令人擔憂。 Witcher 博士想用 Remdesivir 代替伊維菌素,因為他知道一些 COVID 19 患者使用伊維菌素治療效果良好。




Zelenko 博士首先使用了一套非常規療法,包括鋅、羥氯喹、維生素 D 和維生素 C,成功治療了 2000 名新冠肺炎患者。治療非常有效。

他警告說,一旦出現症狀,應迅速治療 COVID 19。任何人都不應拖延治療,直到需要醫院幫助的完全症狀出現為止。

他警告說,患者無論如何都應該避免去醫院。當您去醫院時,您會接受姑息治療,並且您因 Covid 19 而乾燥的風險更高。

如果您覺得自己可能感染了 covid 19,請找一位私人醫生,他通常可以更自由地開藥。更好的是,向有治療 COVID 19 經驗的醫生尋求幫助。

如果您非常健康並且感染了 covid 19,您可以簡單地使用一些補充劑。 網站上的一些報告顯示了有關患者體驗和治療方案的一些信息。

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