Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton BC / Spike Protein and D-Dimer test | Lytton BC 的 Charles Hoffe 博士 / Spike 蛋白和 D-二聚體測試

This doc tells his audience that 62% of his patients after vaccination were found D-dimer and spike protein which can implicate risk of blood clotting.  Some doctors say that 3 to 6 years after vaccination is the critical window during which patients vaccinated could be at high risk of death.

這位醫生告訴他的聽眾,他的 62% 的患者在接種疫苗後發現了 D-二聚體和刺突蛋白,這可能意味著血液凝固的風險。 一些醫生說,接種疫苗後的 3 至 6 年是關鍵時期,在此期間接種疫苗的患者可能面臨高死亡風險。

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