Dr. Mercola responds to NY Times’s defamatory report against him Mercola 博士回應《紐約時報》對他的誹謗報導

Dr. Mercola served NY Times a legal note to press the left-wing news outlet to correct false statements against him.  Interested readers may read it for themselves.  Any readers who have a conscience would know that Dr. Mercola voiced a scientifically reasonable opinions about vitamin D and covid 19.  The drug companies do not want you to use vitamin D or any supplements, they want you to use vaccines, which is one way they earn incomes.

Lesson learnt is that mainstream news media outlets live on the advertisement money from industries.  They dare not say anything to hurt the interest of any industry.  If they do, they will face a backlash from the industries.  As a result, they may see their ad income go down which they certainly do not want to see.

In scientific reports, readers are often reminded of the potential conflicts of interest.  But in news reports, rarely are readers alerted to the fact that news outlets are ALWAYS have conflicts of interest and its reports can potentially be biased in favor of the industries like drug companies. The thing interesting is, why the mainstream media outlets are so fearful about consumers taking vitamin D and other supplements in hopes to reduce the risk of contracting covid 19.  Is it because these supplements are really efficacious against covid 19?

Dr. Mercola as a licensed physician and an entrepreneur has made a substantial contribution to the supplements industry.  If you have to take a side, you would be better off siding with Dr. Mercola.  His published paper on vitamin D and covid 19 may potentially biased because of his supplements business.   But in his article, the authors declare such potential conflicts of interest and readers are alerted.  So the authors have no intention to hide anything or try to fool readers.

Mercola 博士向《紐約時報》提供了一份法律通知,要求這家左翼新聞媒體糾正針對他的虛假陳述。有興趣的讀者可以自行閱讀。任何有良知的讀者都會知道 Mercola 博士對維生素 D 和 covid 19 發表了科學合理的意見。製藥公司不希望您使用維生素 D 或任何補充劑,他們希望您使用疫苗,這是一種方式他們賺取收入。


在科學報告中,經常提醒讀者註意潛在的利益衝突。但在新聞報導中,很少有讀者註意到新聞媒體總是存在利益衝突,其報導可能會偏向於製藥公司等行業。有趣的是,為什麼主流媒體如此擔心消費者服用維生素 D 和其他補充劑以希望降低感染 covid 19 的風險。是因為這些補充劑對 covid 19 真的有效嗎?

Mercola 博士作為執業醫師和企業家為補充劑行業做出了重大貢獻。 如果你必須站在一邊,你最好站在 Mercola 博士一邊。 由於他的補充劑業務,他發表的關於維生素 D 和 covid 19 的論文可能存在偏見。 但在他的文章中,作者聲明了這種潛在的利益衝突,並提醒了讀者。 因此,作者無意隱瞞任何內容或試圖欺騙讀者。


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