Dr. Zhang’s talks about longevity (videos) 章博士說長壽(視頻)

中文版谷歌中文翻譯(90% 準確率) | English translation
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長壽第一步:改變生活習性,喚醒長壽基因(一) First step to longevity, modify lifestyle, activate longevity genes

用膳食作為代謝療法來預防癌症  Use diet as metabolic therapy to prevent cancer

臨床試驗證明用飲食和生活方式可以使人變年輕  Clinic trials prove diet and lifestyle can rejuvenate your body

人究竟能活多久? How long can man live?

有益於長壽的鍛煉身體,洗桑拿浴,好睡眠,好心情  Beneficial to longevity are exercise, sauna, good sleep, and good mood

健康长寿补充剂“白藜芦醇” Resveratrol is good for health and longevity

NMN長壽生命的源泉? NMN is the ultimate source for longevity and life?

亞精胺 (Spermidine) 開啟自噬,是長壽健康的鑰匙 Spermidine activates autophage – key to health and longevity

二甲雙胍(metformin)預防癌症延年益壽的功效 Metformin prevents cancer and elongates lifespan

缺乏維生素K2於心血管疾病和骨质疏松症的關係 Vitamin K2 deficiency linked to cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis

人體衰老的禍首—炎症 Inflammation is the number one risk factor for accelerated aging

單獨補充NMN 能有效地提升NAD+含量嗎?Could supplementation of NMN alone increase NAD+ levels?

睡眠障礙誘發癌症和慢性病,是影響長壽的重要因素 Sleeep disorders can induce cancer and chronic disease, an important factor affecting longevity

間隙性斷食對延長健康壽命的重要性 Intermittant fasting elongates lifespan

如何選擇安全和有效的NMN? How to choose safe and effective NMN?

長壽展望:科學使人類活得更長久 Longevity Prospective: Science helps humans to live longer

跟老年癡呆症說再見 Say goodbye to Alzheimer’s disease

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