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Dear readers at,, an online diet and health magazine will be up and running soon to help those who care about their health.  Many readers have wised up to understand that you should be in control of your own health instead of entrusting stranger physicians and dentists with your health or even your life!

Why you should care:

1) God provides enough so you can take care of yourself including your health and life.  Many people have been misled to believe they should count on healthcare, health insurance, hospitals, physicians to maintain their health.

2) Health insurance, and medical services, medications cannot help patients in many cases if not all.  Right now in the United States, one of five dollars created or 20% of GDP  or more than $10,000 per capita every year is used for medical services.  But the outcome is not as good as that seen in Japan where only a few thousand dollars are used.  Japanese live a few years longer, and they are healthier than Americans.  The situation in the United States is getting worse and worse.  Now they predict that in next 5 to 10 years, 100% Americans will develop one cancer or another during their lifetime, as opposed to 50% men and one thirds of women currently.

3) Natural health solutions are available to all Americans.  It is only that the majority of them are ignorant, indifferent, and incompetent when it comes to how they can take care of themselves.  This magazine will provide all information every American for their health needs.

What will provide

1) Food and health
2) nutrients and health
3) Cooking, food, and chemical and biological safety.
4) Disease prevention
5) Natural ways (case reports) to treat major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases.
6) Ways to improve your longevity and increase your lifespan.
7) Ways to live a happy life.

Send a blank email to [email protected] to get notified when the website is up and running.


親愛的 讀者,




2) 健康保險、醫療服務、藥物在很多情況下不能幫助患者,如果不是全部的話。目前在美國,每年創造的 5 美元中的一元或 GDP 的 20% 或每年人均超過 10,000 美元用於醫療服務。但效果不如日本只用了幾千塊錢。日本人的壽命比美國人長幾年,而且他們比美國人更健康。美國的情況越來越糟。現在他們預測,在未來 5 到 10 年內,100% 的美國人將在其一生中患上一種或另一種癌症,而目前這一比例為 50% 的男性和三分之一的女性。

3) 所有美國人都可以使用自然健康解決方案。只是他們中的大多數人對於如何照顧自己是無知的、冷漠的、無能的。這本 雜誌將為每個美國人的健康需求提供所有信息。 將提供什麼

1) 食品與健康
3) 烹飪、食品、化學和生物安全。
4) 疾病預防
5) 治療癌症、心髒病、糖尿病和其他退行性疾病等重大疾病的自然方法(病例報告)。
6) 提高壽命和延長壽命的方法。
7) 過上幸福生活的方法。

發送一封空白電子郵件至 [email protected],以便在網站啟動並運行時收到通知。

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