How to prevent dental cavity | 如何预防蛀牙

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If you follow the advice from dentists or mainstream news media, your chance to prevent dental cavity is slim.

Logically, if what they tell you can help prevent dental cavities, then the majority of cavities will be prevented, which means that the income of all dentists will substantially reduced.  Do you think they will tell you do something which essentially will reduce their income?  The truth is, they are not stupid, and they will not want you to prevent dental cavities!

Thank God for He provides all things we need including things we can use to actually prevent dental cavities.

Stay tuned, we will show you how.  We can tell you because we are not dentists.  If we are dentists, we won’t tell you that!

For the time being, read this article even though the information is not complete.


从逻辑上讲,如果他们告诉你的东西可以帮助预防蛀牙,那么大多数蛀牙都会被预防,这意味着所有牙医的收入都会大幅减少。 你认为他们会告诉你做一些本质上会减少他们收入的事情吗? 事实上,他们并不傻,他们不会要你预防蛀牙!


请继续关注,我们将向您展示如何操作。 我们可以告诉你,因为我们不是牙医。 如果我们是牙医,我们不会告诉你!


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