Shortage of antiinflammatory arthritis drugs due to its use as treatment of covid 19 | 由于用于治疗covid 19,抗炎性关节炎药物短缺

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Editor’s note:  Do not forget taking some antiinflammatory medications to help you overcome the infection of Sars Cov-2 and reduce the severity of covid 19 and its damage.  Also do not forget taking supplements, zinc, quercetin, vitamin D, and vitamin E. If needed, need to take ivermectin the antiparasitic medication that proves very effective at helping covid 19.
编者按:不要忘记服用一些抗炎药物来帮助您克服 Sars Cov-2 的感染并降低 covid 19 的严重程度及其损害。 也不要忘记服用补充剂、锌、槲皮素(或羟氯喹)、维生素 D 和维生素 E。如果需要,需要服用伊维菌素这种抗寄生虫药物,这种药物在帮助 COVID 19 方面非常有效。
News Release

EU shortage of arthritis drugs due to use as treatment for severe CV-19 cases

EULAR President calls for equal access to medicines and for manufacturers to rapidly upscale production to tackle shortfall

Business Announcement

European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR)

EULAR President, Professor Annamaria Iagnocco, said:

“EULAR is aware that more and more EU member states are experiencing shortages of essential anti-inflammatory drugs and that certain manufacturers have highlighted the prospect of global shortages in the upcoming months.

While recognising that many drugs traditionally used to treat rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) have become leading COVID (CV)-19 therapeutics, manufacturers and governments must take urgent steps to ensure that this increased demand does not impact the lives and livelihoods of Europeans with RMDs.

These are essential medications for many people with RMDs such as arthritis and vasculitis that not only help to mitigate against disability, and the social and employment impacts associated with RMDs, but the development of common co-morbidities like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

EULAR calls for equal in access to these medications from health care providers and the relevant manufacturers; and we join with our patient association membership pillar, People with Arthritis and Rheumatism in Europe, PARE, in calling on manufacturers to rapidly upscale output to meet the increasing clinical need.

A balanced approach is essential to ensure that we meet the ongoing pandemic imperatives and respect the needs of those already benefiting already from the use of this medicine, for some of whom it is an essential medication.”

For many COVID-19 patients, an overly vigorous response creates a severe systemic inflammatory state – the so-called cytokine storm – characterized by the creation of lots of inflammatory products and that can result in serious lung damage and death. This is how CV-19 tends to kill.

When it became obvious that, in addition to the direct impact of the disease, CV-19 was causing deaths through hyper-inflammatory states very similar to RMDs, rheumatology health professionals came to the fore. During the pandemic, many anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant RMD drugs have been repurposed to treat patients with severe CV-19 symptoms, particularly a class of drug called Glucocorticoids.


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