Supplements for covid 19 prevention | 預防 COVID 19 的補充劑

A combo of supplements packed in a capsule without any nasty nonactive ingredients will be available soon.  Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to get notified when the supplement gets on the market.

A few supplements which are critical for the prevention of covd 19 include

1) Vitamin C (1000 to 3000 mg a day)
2) Vitamin D3 (3000 to 5000 IU per day
3) Quercetin 500 mg per day
4) Zinc (25 t0 50 mg per day)  it can be in form of zinc sulfate or other zinc salt.

When you buy these supplements in individual supplements or they are packed in capsule separately, you may get some nasty fillers or other non-active yet can potentially dangerous chemicals such as silica dioxide.

Silica dioxide as a dispersing agent or flow aid is present in many supplements.  Studies have proved nanoparticles like silica dioxide can injure DNA in cells and cause mutations.

Microcrystal cellulose can cause cellular damage too.  Microcrystal cellulose can be as rigid as other nanoparticles to damage cells.

Another thing that needs attention is that zinc should not come in form of zinc oxide, which cannot dissolve in water and cannot be absorbed. The zinc salt used in supplements should be water soluble.

A company is working to make a capsule that contains all these supplements including vitamin C, vatamin D3, quercetin, and zinc with very clean label statements.  All ingredients used are absolutely safe.  And all active ingredients meet their specification and go through all QC testing.

If you want to spare yourselves from wasting time to find a supplement like this, please contact us at [email protected]   when the supplements are ready, you can be notified.

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