Why you should not trust mainstream news media? 為什麼你不應該相信主流新聞媒體?

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Warning: If you blindly trust news media, you will be fooled easily.  It i snot saying that you should not believe everything they say.  But when they talk about a product, service or a company or a law/regulation or policy, consider inflict of interests. 

This rule determines that any news media that has business connection with a company cannot present that company or its services or its products in any negative way.  In other words, they can only say something good. 

And news media can lie to audience when needed.   Some survey has found that 37% scientists admit that they falsify data or present misleading conclusion because of the inflicts of interest.  They lie, why couldn’t the news media?





Update:  If you are a businessman, it would be much easier for you to understand this.  You should not trust either your government, your doctors/hospitals, medications, not even processed foods. The problem is, there is a lot of conflict of interest.  Governments can be easily manipulated by some powerful people. Money can buy anything including the body, the mind and the soul of a person.

更新:如果你是一個商人,你會更容易理解這一點。你不應該相信你的政府,你的醫生/醫院,藥物,甚至不相信加工食品。問題是,存在很多利益衝突。 政府很容易被一些有權勢的人操縱。金錢可以買到任何東西,包括一個人的身體、思想和靈魂。

All mainstream news media feed on ad income from industries.  So that is why they cannot say anything bad about the companies who pay them ad money, their services or products.  That is why they never mention any risk of covid 19 vaccines even though many people die from the vaccination.

It does not matter who run the news outlets, AP, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, yahoo, google, facebook, Twitter.  See a top 100 list here.  As long as they take money from the industries, their mouths are sealed.   They are not obliged to tell you the truth.  Think about it:  Who you are that is so important they have to offend ad buyers to please you?

所有主流新聞媒體都依賴於行業的廣告收入。 因此,這就是為什麼他們不能對向他們支付廣告費、服務或產品的公司說任何壞話。 這就是為什麼他們從未提及 Covid 19 疫苗的任何風險,即使許多人死於疫苗接種。

誰經營新聞媒體,美聯社,路透社,紐約時報,華盛頓郵報,CNN,雅虎,谷歌,Facebook,Twitter並不重要。 在此處查看前 100 名清單。 只要他們從行業拿錢,他們的嘴巴就會被封住。  他們沒有義務向你報告真相。 想一想:你是誰如此重要,他們必須冒犯廣告買家來取悅你?

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