World nears its end as persecution of Christians becomes evident | 隨著對基督徒的迫害變得明顯,世界即將結束

Those who are concerned are advised to read the book of Revelation in the Bible.  This helps understand what it looks like when the world is approaching its end.  One feature is that those who follow Jesus the Christ faithfully will have to face persecution from the AntiChrist in all aspects of life.

God bless those who have true faith in YOU.

建議有此問題的人閱讀聖經中的啟示錄。 這有助於了解世界即將結束時的樣子。 一個特點是那些忠實地跟隨基督耶穌的人將不得不在生活的各個方面面對敵基督的迫害。


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