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Editor’s comment:  This is not a story of luck.  Scientists have already reported on that Fenbendazole can cause deaths of cancer cells through multiple pathways.

An American man takes a dog medicine known as fenbendazole and gets rid of his cancer.  It costs him only 5 dollars a week.

The British “Daily Mail” reported on the 26th that a man from the United States was suffering from advanced cancer. Just three months left for him to live, he met a veterinarian who suggested him to try a dog medicine. Taking fenbendazole, he actually miraculously recovered from his cancer.

Joe Tippens was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016. Just as he was preparing to move from Oklahoma to Switzerland, his cancer had spread to the liver, pancreas, bladder, stomach, neck and bones. The doctor said that his cancer is in advanced stage and his survival odds cannot be higher than one percent.

In order to see the unborn grandson, Joe begged doctors to extend his life as much as possible. Doctor at the Texas Cancer Center told him that they would not give up Joe and try to keep him alive for a year.

Later, in an unexpected opportunity, Joe met a veterinarian online, and he suggested that Joe try some unconventional methods: using dog medicine fenbendazole to treat cancer. This is an anti-helminth compound used to treat hookworms, mites and other intestinal parasites in dogs. Its basic principle is to let cancer cells starve and eventually die. (This is a false explanation.)  The toxicity of this drug is not very strong, especially compared to chemotherapy.

Once a scientist had the same advanced cancer as Joe did.  She started taking the drug fenbendazole.  Six weeks later, the cancer cells in her body disappeared. At present, more and more journals mention that anti-helminth drugs may have anti-cancer properties (why is it that antihelminth drugs can kill cancers?  Some studies indicate cancer cells are actually microbes! They can be bacteria, fungi and parasites.  Although it has not been confirmed by the medical community, for Joe, who has only three months of life, nothing can’t be tried.

The veterinarian who knew the secret and died recently unexpectedly gave Joe the same drug fenbendazole, which cost only $5 a week, knowing that the insurance company gave Joe a $1.2 million to treat his cancers.

Joe did not tell his doctor about the treatment, nor did he specifically disclose his prescription.  After that, he went to the hospital for a scan, and the doctor was surprised to find that all the shadows on his body had disappeared. A few months later, he went to hospital for a follow-up.  The doctor said that the cancer cells  had all disappeared, and at that time, Joe told him everything.

The doctor said that there is no evidence that the drug fenbendazole directly affects Joe’s cancer, and Joe is a special case of luck. Currently, there are about 40 patients in the world who have been completely cured by this drug like Joe.  But the doctor did mention some drugs that are intended to treat microbial infections can be used to treat cancer.

“I am not a doctor, I have no professional ability to treat cancer for people, but at least my story can encourage people who have similar experiences with me,” Joe said.

Could fenbendazole be your next wonder anticancer treatment?

updated on 10/11/2021

Joe updated his website from time to time.  He has been closely monitored, and remain free of cancer. Many people talked to him about his protocol and as of now, at least 45 late stage cancer patients beat their cancers with his protocol.  It seems that Joe has not been just taking the dog medicine.  He also uses other supplements to maximize the anticancer efficacy or potency.

Here is a list of cancers that have been cured. (He only released 20 cases).  All patients after a short period of treatment become of no evidence of disease (NED).

1. Ewing sarcoma with mets to the brain and spine.
2. Esophogeal cancer with mets to the liver.
3. Two cases of stage 4 melanoma with wide METS.
4. Triple negative breast cancer with mets to lungs, lymph nodes and brain.
5. Adenocarcinoma lung.
6. Two prostate cancers, one with mets to bones.
7. Another small cell lung cancer.
8. Adrenocortical carcinoma with mets to the liver.
9. Seven cases of stage 4 pancreatic cancer including five cases in which tumors were reduced or held at bay and two cases in total remission.
10. Three cases of stage 4 colorectal cancer, two NED and one with 90% tumor reduced.

Those who are interested in Joe’s protocol may talk to him for help.  There is a lot of lies out there about Joe.  Joe is a decent gentleman and successful businessman.  He is willing to help as many cancer patients as possible.   He advises that cancer patients read his blog before talking to him.

Many organizations and individuals who benefit from the conventional cancer treatments do not want you to use Joe’s protocol.  If you have cancer diagnosed, waste in no time to start this treatment.  Joe saw some cancer patients could not be helped by this protocol.  All of them started receiving the treatment too late.

Those who survive have a brain, a faith and a will to survive.  Lacking one of these, he could not survive for long!


美国男子服用狗药治好癌症晚期 一周只花5美元








2021 年 11 月 10 日更新

喬不時更新他的網站。他一直受到密切監測,並且沒有癌症。他向許多人談論了他的方案,截至目前,至少有 45 名晚期癌症患者通過他的方案戰勝了癌症。喬不只是在吃狗藥。他還使用其他補充劑來最大限度地提高抗癌功效或效力。

以下是已治癒的癌症列表。 (他只發布了20個案例)。所有患者在短期治療後都沒有疾病跡象 (NED)。

1. 尤文肉瘤轉移大腦和脊柱。
2. 食管癌轉移肝。
3. 2例4期黑色素瘤伴轉移。
4. 肺、淋巴結和腦轉移的三陰性乳腺癌。
5. 肺腺癌。
6. 兩例前列腺癌,一轉移骨骼。
8. 伴有肝臟轉移的腎上腺皮質癌。
9. 4期胰腺癌7例,其中腫瘤縮小或抑制5例,完全緩解2例。
10. 4期結直腸癌3例,NED 2例,1例腫瘤縮小90%。


許多受益於傳統癌症治療的組織和個人不希望您使用 Joe 的方案。如果您被診斷出患有癌症,立即開始這種治療。喬看到一些癌症患者無法通過這個協議得到幫助。他們所有人都太晚開始接受治療。


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