Listen to this mans warning, he regrets his mistake of getting the jab | 聽這個男人的警告,他後悔自己的錯誤——打了疫苗

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Eight weeks ago I took a needle in my arm and ever since then my life has changed,” this man begins. “This vaccine is running through my body and taking bits and pieces every day and now I can barely walk.”

He has trouble thinking and the ringing in his ears “is absolutely crazy and it doesn’t stop,” he says. “And now I can’t walk.”

He did this to do what was necessary to make this world safer, he says — and if he’d known what he was going to go through, he wouldn’t have gotten it. “They don’t want me to telling you guys this,” he says, “because they want to make sure that you guys get it.”

八週前,我在手臂上紮了一根針,從那以後我的生活發生了變化,”這個男人開始說。 “這種疫苗每天都在我的身體裡流淌,每天都在吃零碎的東西,現在我幾乎不能走路了。”

他無法思考,耳邊響起“絕對是瘋了,而且不會停止,”他說。 “現在我不能走路了。”

他這樣做是為了讓這個世界更安全,他說——如果他知道自己將要經歷什麼,他就不會明白。 “他們不想讓我告訴你們這些,”他說,“因為他們想確保你們得到它。”

SOURCE: BitChute July 22, 2021

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