Cooked cooking vegetable oils can be harmful 煮熟的食用植物油可能有害

Wednesday 06/23/21 ( — Particularly when over-used, cooked cooking vegetable oil can cause inflammatory stress on the liver.  If you do not feel a thing when you eat a lot of cooked vegetable oil, congratulations.  But that does not mean it is healthy.

Cooked cooking vegetable oil contains high amounts of polyunsaturated fat, particularly a lot of omge-6 fat and thermally generated trans fat which is not commonly known to the public.  These fatty acids promote inflammation and they are absolutely unhealthy to use.  Cooking of meat, fish and seafood particularly at high temperature can also promote the formation of toxic chemicals or carcinogens.

The best thing to do is avoid using it to cook your foods.  The Chinese stir-frying of meat, fish or seafood for a prolonged time can even generate more toxic chemicals.  Another thing to do is in-take some omega 3 fatty acidsUse simply raw omega 3 rich vegetable oils like canola oil and flaxseed oil.  These oils are antiinflammatory and can help neutralize inflammation.

If you definitely want to use some oil to cook your foods, you may want to use oils with high amounts of saturated fatty acids.Lard from port and cow is perfect and coconut oil is not a bad option too.  Also do not overcook cooking oil.  Whenever you can, add as much spices or culinary herbs as possible or even simply some vegetable or legumes or beans to your food during cooking. These foods can help prevent or reduce the formation of carcinogens.

The very best thing to do is do not eat extra cooking vegetable oil. If you need to use some, use some raw oils with an omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid balanced oils such as canola oil or flaxseed oil, but do not cook them.  Cooking not only destroys nutrients, but also generates lots of toxic compounds.

Common questions and answers on cooking oil

Which cooking oil is good for health?

The best cooking oil is lard.

What is the best cooking oil for heart?

No cooking oil is food for the heart.  A good oil becomes bad once cooked.

What is the healthiest oil to cook with?

Lard is the healthiest oil to cook with

is canola oil bad for you?

Canola oil is one of the best oils you can use,. But do not cook it.

What are the worst cooking oils?

The worse cooking oils are oils with high polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acids.

What is the best cooking oil for frying or What is the healthiest cooking oil for frying?

Lard is the best frying oil.

(Dr. Lu)

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