NAD+ glutathione: Fight covid 19, Resist disease and retard aging NAD+ 和谷胱甘肽:抗擊新冠病毒 19, 抵抗疾病、延緩衰老 章博士說長壽

One should not absolutely or 100% count on glutathione to reduce the damage inflicted by free radicals.  Eating an antioxidant rich diet can help preserve the reservoir of glutathione so that it can render the protection when needed.  Or take some other antioxidants like lipoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, GECE, quercetin etc.

人們不應該絕對或 100% 指望穀胱甘肽來減少自由基造成的損害。 吃富含抗氧化劑的飲食可以幫助保存穀胱甘肽的儲存庫,以便在需要時提供保護。 或者服用一些其他抗氧化劑,如硫辛酸、維生素 C、維生素 E、GECG、槲皮素等。

NAD+ and glutathione may help reduce covid 19 severity

A new study reported in the video suggests that taking nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and glutathione or precursors to glutathione can drastically shorten the duration of hospitalization that results from covid 19 infections.

The study seems to have been published in Advanced Science by Adil Mardinoglu from KTH—Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SE-100 44 Sweden and King’s College London, London, SE1 1UL UK and colleagues in June, 2021.

The mixture of metabolic activators or precursors to glutathione and NAD+ include l-serine, N-acetyl-l-cysteine, nicotinamide riboside, and l-carnitine tartrate. For the study,an open-label phase 2 and double blind phase 3 trial were conducted with ambulatory covid 19 patients.

In both 14-days trials, covid 19 patients treated with the supplements recovered faster than those untreated (6.6 days vs 9.3 days in the phase 2 trial and 5.7 days vs 9.2 days in the phase 3 trial).

Researchers also found biomarkers of inflammation were lower than expected. It has been known that COVID-19 can deplete NAD+ and glutathione and cause mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic abnormalities. So it makes sense that the supplementation of metabolic activators help suppress inflammation induced by the virus.

All patients immediately took the standard therapy in Turkey where the trials were carried out, which is hydroxychloroquine (The dose is not immediately clear but usually 200 mg to 300 mg per day for five days.)

The mixture includes 3.73 g l-carnitine tartrate, 2.55 g N-acetyl-cysteine, 1 g nicotinamide riboside chloride and 12.345 g serine, orally ingested twice per day, once after breakfast and once after dinner. Patients were monitored daily for symptoms. On day 14, all patients were followed up.

The trials was registered here

NAD+ 和穀胱甘肽可能有助於降低 COVID 19 的嚴重程度

視頻中報導的一項新研究表明,服用煙酰胺腺嘌呤二核苷酸 (NAD+) 和穀胱甘肽或穀胱甘肽的前體可以大大縮短因 Covid 19 感染導致的住院時間。

該研究似乎已於 2021 年 6 月由來自斯德哥爾摩皇家理工學院、SE-100 44 瑞典和倫敦國王學院、SE1 1UL UK 的 Adil Mardinoglu 及其同事發表在 Advanced Science 上。

代謝激活劑或穀胱甘肽和 NAD+ 前體的混合物包括 l-絲氨酸、N-乙酰基-l-半胱氨酸、煙酰胺核苷和 l-肉鹼酒石酸鹽。在這項研究中,對 19 名非臥床患者進行了開放標籤 2 期和雙盲 3 期試驗。

在這兩項為期 14 天的試驗中,接受補充劑治療的 19 名患者比未接受治療的患者恢復得更快(2 期試驗中的 6.6 天 vs 9.3 天,3 期試驗中的 5.7 天 vs 9.2 天)。

研究人員還發現炎症的生物標誌物低於預期。眾所周知,COVID-19 可以消耗 NAD+ 和穀胱甘肽,並導致線粒體功能障礙和代謝異常。因此,補充代謝激活劑有助於抑制由病毒引起的炎症是有道理的。

所有患者立即在進行試驗的土耳其接受標準療法,即羥氯喹(劑量不是立即確定,但通常每天 200 至 300 毫克,持續五天。)

該混合物包括 3.73 克左旋肉鹼酒石酸鹽、2.55 克 N-乙酰半胱氨酸、1 克煙酰胺核苷氯化物和 12.345 克絲氨酸,每天口服兩次,早餐後一次和晚餐後一次。每天監測患者的症狀。第 14 天,對所有患者進行隨訪。


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