Vitamin D helps prevent covid 19 infection, particularly in Blacks 維生素D有助於預防covid 19感染,尤其是在黑人中


Dr. David O. Meltzer from the University of Chicago and colleagues today on March 19, 2021 published a study in JAMA Infectious Diseases to indicate that maintaining a high level of serum vitamin D, specifically, 25-hydroxyvitamin D may help reduce risk of getting infected with covid 19, particularly in blacks.

The authors wanted to know if there is any correlation between the serum levels of vitamin D and the risk of contracting covid 19 or risk of being diagnosed with the infection. Particularly, they compared the risk between subjects with their vitamin D level below 40 ng/mL with those with vitamin D levels greater than 40 ng/mL.

They found that black subjects with their vitamin D levels with the range of 30 to 40 ng/mL were 2.64 times more likely to pick up covid 19 than those with their levels greater than 40 ng/mL. Blacks with less than 30 ng/mL were also more likely than their counterparts with greater than 40 ng/mL. But it seems that the correlation was not significant in Whites.

The study suggested that maintaining a high level of serum vitamin D can help prevent covid 19 infection. Ideally, the serum level of vitamin D needs to be kept at greater than 40 ng/mL.

Many studies have pointed to the fact that people with a high serum level of vitamin D are less likely to get infected with covid 19 and if they get it, then they are still less likely to die than patients with lower vitamin D levels.

芝加哥大學的David O. Meltzer博士及其同事今天於2021年3月19日在《美國醫學會雜誌》(JAMA Infectious Diseases)上發表了一項研究,表明維持高水平的血清維生素D,特別是25-羥基維生素D可能有助於降低感染了covid 19的風險,特別是在黑人中。

作者想知道維生素D的血清水平與感染covid 19的風險或被診斷出感染的風險之間是否存在任何相關性。尤其是,他們將維生素D水平低於40 ng / mL的受試者與維生素D水平高於40 ng / mL的受試者之間的風險進行了比較。

他們發現,維生素D水平在30到40 ng / mL範圍內的黑人受試者感染Covid 19的可能性是其維生素D在40 ng / mL以上的人群的2.64倍。小於30 ng / mL的黑人比大於40 ng / mL的黑人更有可能感染 Covid 19 。但是似乎相關性在白人中並不顯著。 研究表明,維持較高的血清維生素D水平可以幫助預防covid 19感染。理想情況下,維生素D的血清水平應保持在40 ng / mL以上。

許多研究指出了這樣一個事實,即血清維生素D水平高的人感染covid 19的可能性較小,如果被感染,則與維生素D水平較低的患者相比, 清維生素D水平高的人死亡的可能性仍然較小。

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