How do you know you are a true Christian? | 你怎麼知道你是一個真正的基督徒?

How do you know you are a true Christian?

This is a simple question.  By faith, you become a Christian.  If you sincerely accept Jesus as your savior and follow Him, you are a true Christian.  So it is only you and your God who know whether you are a true Christian or not.  Because your faith is in your heart, which is not easy to be discerned by other people.

You as a believer may be attacked by Satan or his followers, accusing you that you are not like a Christian because you failed to do something you are supposed to do or you did something you are not supposed to do.  This is a typical attack from Satan.  His purpose is to discourage you and want you to give up your faith!

The attack may come to you directly or indirectly through some peoples who can be immature or fake Christians.   In this case, these people serve as an agent of Satan!

When some people attack you, you know that that is an act of Satan and these Satan’s agents are non-Christians or immature Christians because a real Christian or a mature Christian would never judge others.  They know whether or not it is good for you to do or not to do something, but will not judge because only God judges.

True faith will lead to improving of a Christian’s behavior.  This process may take some time for some people.  Some people may experience drastic improvement overnight while others may take years or life time to significantly improve themselves (more like Christ).

Again, whether or not you are a true Christian is not something other people can judge.  Jesus did say that His followers serve as witnesses.  Goodness in Christians may not always be recognized by worldly people.  Witnesses are for those who will eventually return to God.

In a word, whether or not you are a true Christian is not a question for others to answer.  It is only you and your God know it.  If you have a genuine faith, you are saved.  Enjoy your spiritual life if you have genuine faith in God.  Do not let anything or any people hurt your faith.








總之,你是不是一個真正的基督徒,這不是別人要回答的問題。只有你和你的上帝知道。如果你有真正的信心,你就得救了。如果您對上帝有真正的信仰,請享受您的精神生活。 不要讓任何事情或任何人傷害你的信仰。





How to become a Christian?

These are some of the most important verses you can even remember:  These show you how you can become a believer.  We are criminals (sinners), and we are waiting to be punished.

Two criminals have two completely different outcomes.  One of the criminals ridiculed Jesus.  The other one acknowledged that Jesus is the King and asked him for accepting him into his Kingdom.  This shows you how you can become a believer.

Becoming a christian is not about how you improve your contribution to the society.  It is not about improving your family life.  Not about your monetary gain or earthly enjoyment.  It is about your relationship with God.   Only Jesus as a sacrifice can get us there.

You can enter God’s kingdom now by saying a prayer that you acknowledge to God and you are sinner, and would like to accept Jesus as your personal savior and ask God to forgive your sins because Jesus has scarified for you.  And ask Jesus to be your Lord and you will like to follow him from now on.  Amen.

Your prayer does not need to be perfect.  God knows your heart.  Once you say it, it has been done.  When you say the prayer and commit yourself to God, angels everywhere will rejoice.   May Glory be to God.

Luke 23:39-42

39 One of the criminals who hung there heaped abuse on Him. “Are You not the Christ?” he said. “Save Yourself and us!”

40But the other one rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, since you are under the same judgment? 41We are punished justly, for we are receiving what our actions deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.” 42Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!” 43 And Jesus said to him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”


這些是您甚至可以記住的一些最重要的經文:它們向您展示了您應該如何成為一名信徒。 我們是罪犯(罪人),我們正在等待被懲罰。

兩個罪犯有兩種完全不同的結局。 其中一名罪犯嘲笑耶穌。 另一個人承認耶穌是國王,並要求他接受他進入他的王國。 這向您展示瞭如何成為信徒。

成為基督徒與你如何提高對社會的貢獻無關。 這不是為了改善您的家庭生活。 與您的金錢收益或塵世享樂無關。 這是關於你與上帝的關係。 只有耶穌作為犧牲才能讓我們到達那裡。

你現在可以通過禱告進入神的國度,你承認神,你是罪人,願意接受耶穌為你個人的救主,祈求神赦免你的罪,因為耶穌為你傷痕累累。 並求耶穌做你的主,從現在起你會喜歡跟隨他。 阿門。

你的禱告不需要完美。 上帝知道你的心。 一旦你說出來,它已經完成了。 當你祈禱並將自己委身於上帝時,各地的天使都會歡欣鼓舞。 願榮耀歸於上帝。

路加福音 23:39-42

39 一個被吊在那裡的罪犯辱罵他。 “你不是基督嗎?” 他說。 “拯救你自己和我們!”

40另一個人責備他說:“你受同樣的審判,還不敬畏神嗎? 41我們受到公正的懲罰,因為我們得到了我們的行為應得的回報。 但這個人沒有做錯任何事。” 42他說:“耶穌,當你進入你的國度時,求你記念我!” 43 耶穌對他說:“我實在告訴你,今天你要同我在樂園裡了。”


Persecution may come after you. But remember God’s promise | 迫害可能會在你身後。 但要記住上帝的應許

And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved. (Matthew 10:22)

萬國都會恨你,因為你是我的追隨者。 但凡忍耐到底的都必得救。 (馬太福音 10:22)

Why should you accept Jesus as your savior? 你為什麼要接受耶穌為你的救主?

(You do not have an option if you want to be saved.)

The simple answer to the question is like this:

1) According to the Bible, there is God.  One God only who create heavens and earths and all living things  including humans.  Humans are created to help manage the world.  In the beginning, humans and other creatures and heavens and earths are in complete and perfect harmony.  Everything in the eyes of God is good.

2) According to the Bible, ancestors of humans have sinned against God and expelled out of Eden where man had had a good relationship with God.   The sinful nature finds a way into us and we could not behave as God expect.   because of sins, So sins broke all relationships between man, other creatures and God.  All things human beings suffer result from the abnormal relationships.  And God is waiting to judge all humans!

3) According to the Bible, the relationship can be restored through the blood of Jesus who was killed by sinful men.   This is actually the plan God designed and executed to offer all human beings an opportunity to wash away their sins against God.   Anyone who accepts Jesus as his Lord and follows him will pacify God who will forgive him for sins he ever commits.

4) According to the Bible, Jesus is the one and only savior through whom we can be accepted by God again.  There is no other name or person God ever appoint as the savior of sinful humans.  Jesus is not only the necessary but also sufficient solution to the restoration of human beings’ relation with God.  In the end of the world, Jesus will come again and God will judge all of us.  Those who do not accept Jesus will be punished if found guilty.

Be alerted that the Devil and his followers do not want you to follow Jesus and worship God.  Do you know why?  Because they want to be your lord and your God and take you away from the real God.  (Dr. Lu)





1) 根據聖經,有神。唯一一位創造天地和包括人類在內的所有生物的上帝。人類被創造來幫助管理世界。起初,人與其他生物、天地之間是完全和諧的。在上帝眼裡,一切都是美好的。



4)根據聖經,耶穌是唯一的救主,通過他我們可以再次被上帝接納。上帝從未指定其他名字或人物作為有罪人類的救主。耶穌不僅是恢復人類與上帝關係的必要而且充分的解決方案。在世界末日,耶穌會再來,上帝會審判我們所有人。 那些不接受耶穌的人如果被判有罪將受到懲罰。

請注意,魔鬼和他的追隨者不希望你跟隨耶穌和敬拜上帝。 你知道為什麼嗎? 因為他們想成為你的主和你的上帝,讓你遠離真正的上帝。(Dr. Lu)

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