Lab-Grown Chicken’s Been Approved. But Can You Buy It? 實驗室飼養的雞已獲得批准。 但你能買嗎?

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Do you trust a lab-made meat? Are you ever afraid that the lab-made meat could intentionally or non-intentionally turn into a bio-hazardous material who affects your health or life?  You are what you eat.  When they control your food, they essentially control your life.  Would you trust your life in the hands of strangers?

評論:您相信實驗室製造的肉嗎? 您是否擔心實驗室製造的肉會有意或無意地變成影響您的健康或生活的生物危害物質?吃啥變啥。 當他們控制你的食物時,他們基本上就控制了你的生命。 你會把自己的生命託付給陌生人嗎?

Lab-Grown Chicken’s Been Approved. But Can You Buy It?

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Good Meats and Upside Foods have reason to celebrate: The USDA has ruled it’s OK to bring their cell-cultured chicken to market.

Grown from stem cells in a bioreactor, the fake meat is what Time says, “tastes exactly like a chicken breast, only richer and tastier” Presumably, lab meats are better for the environment because they produce fewer greenhouse gases and require less land and water than conventional, real meats.

The fake chicken is already available in Singapore, but when and where it shows up in stores in America is being controlled on a slow, methodical basis, starting with introductions in high-end restaurants before being sent to national grocer distribution.

Good Meats 和 Upside Foods 有理由慶祝:美國農業部已裁定可以將他們的細胞培養雞推向市場。

這種人造肉是由生物反應器中的干細胞培育而成,正如《時代》雜誌所說,“味道與雞胸肉一模一樣,只是更豐富、更美味。”據推測,實驗室人造肉對環境更有利,因為它們產生的溫室氣體更少,需要的土地和水也更少 比傳統的真正的肉類。



Time June 21, 2023

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