Research update: Omicron, vaccine efficacy, covid 19 reinfection | 研究更新:Omicron、疫苗功效、covid 19 再感染

Protection afforded by prior infection against SARS-CoV-2 reinfection with the Omicron variant

This was published on Jan 6, 2022 to indicate that 1) prior infection for covid 19 provides protection against re-infection of alpha, beta, delta variants in 91% cases, omicron in 60% cases, and 2) robust protection against death from all variants.

The study also suggests that natural infection provides better immunity against infection than vaccines. (Why should this be studied for the first place?  Don’t we know that is common sense that natural immunity is the best?)

Note that an early study conducted by a prestigious American university (Washington University in St. Louis) shows that re-infection rate is only about 0.02%.

Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against Omicron or Delta infection

This study published on Jan 1, 2022 finds that people vaccinated with two first and second shot have almost zero protection against the Omicron variant.  Why should the governments force citizens to get vaccinated?

The study also finds that a mRNA based booster shot seven days or later after vaccination may provide protection in 37%, but how strong the antiviral immunity is against the variant, compared to the protection rendered by natural infection remains unknown.


  1. Omicron can be a natural vaccine for those who did get vaccinated nor infected.  The protection provided by Omicron may help prevent infection of similar yet more virulent strains in future.
  2. Two vaccines do not prevent Omicron.  The booster may provide a small protection.  So vaccinated people are at risk of Omicron infection.
  3. Omicron does not cause as severe symptoms as other variants.  Death rate is much lower.
  4. Those who want to prevent Omicron may still consider taking zinc/quercetin plus hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.  Vitamin D and vitamin C, green tea and green tea extract also help you in case you get infected with Omicron.


先前感染 Omicron 變體對 SARS-CoV-2 再感染提供的保護

這發表於 2022 年 1 月 6 日,表明 1) 先前感染 covid 19 可防止 91% 的病例再次感染 α、β、δ 變體,60% 的病例可防止再次感染 omicron,以及 2) 有效防止因感染而死亡所有變體。

該研究還表明,自然感染比疫苗提供了更好的抗感染免疫力。 (為什麼首先要研究這個?難道我們不知道自然免疫是最好的常識嗎?)

請注意,美國著名大學(聖路易斯華盛頓大學)進行的一項早期研究表明,再感染率僅為 0.02% 左右。

COVID-19 疫苗對 Omicron 或 Delta 感染的有效性

2022 年 1 月 1 日發表的這項研究發現,接種過兩次第一針和第二針的人對 Omicron 變體的保護幾乎為零。為什麼政府要強迫公民接種疫苗?

該研究還發現,在疫苗接種後 7 天或更晚注射基於 mRNA 的加強劑可以提供 37% 的保護,但與自然感染提供的保護相比,抗病毒免疫對變異體的免疫有多強仍然未知。


對於那些接種過疫苗或被感染的人來說,Omicron 可以成為一種天然疫苗。 Omicron 提供的保護可能有助於防止未來類似但更具毒性的菌株的感染。

兩種疫苗不能預防 Omicron。 增強型疫苗可能提供小的保護。 因此接種疫苗的人有感染 Omicron 的風險。

Omicron 不會像其他變體那樣引起嚴重的症狀。 死亡率要低得多。

那些想要預防 Omicron 的人仍然可以考慮服用鋅/槲皮素加羥氯喹或伊維菌素。 維生素 D 和維生素 C、綠茶和綠茶提取物也可以幫助您防止感染 Omicron。

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