The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax | 1918 年西班牙流感大流行騙局

They lie and keep lying so they can generate fear which can prompt you to get vaccinated.  When vaccinated, you are trapped and you are doomed (or dead).  That is their purpose.  God’s people: Keep in mind that we all die one way or another sooner or later. Fear of death is created by the media which is the propaganda machine for the powerful, particularly the medical mafia.  Natural death is God sanctioned and there is nothing wrong in the eyes of God.  We need to face it graciously.   But now some people want to play God and they want to decide your fate and the fate of your future generations.  They say we have too many people, and you are not entitled to having children anymore.  They use vaccines, medicare, and reproductive health services to deprive other people’s right to having children.  Vaccines they sold to India and Africa and other poor countries have been known to cause infertility.  It is all part of their worldwide depopulation scheme.   They are doing this because they consider themselves the only owner of this planet.

他們撒謊並繼續撒謊,這樣它們就會產生恐懼,從而促使您接種疫苗。 接種疫苗後,你被困,你注定要失敗。 這就是他們的目的。 上帝的子民:請記住,我們遲早都會以這樣或那樣的方式死去。 對死亡的恐懼是由媒體製造的,媒體是有權勢的人,尤其是醫療黑手黨的宣傳機器。 自然死亡是上帝認可的,在上帝眼中沒有任何問題。 我們需要優雅地面對它。 但現在有些人想玩上帝,他們想決定你的命運和你後代的命運。 他們說我們人太多了,你沒有資格再要孩子了。 眾所周知,出售給印度、非洲和其他貧窮國家的疫苗會導致不孕症。 這都是全球人口減少計劃的一部分。 他們這樣做是因為他們認為自己是這個星球的唯一所有者。

The main point of this video is to tell you that the history is written by the ruling class who are in control but not the ordinary people and the ruling class can lie when needed. In the case of Spanish flu, the claimed mortality of the 1918 Spanish flu has been on the rise from 150,000 in the early days to 100 millions after 100 years.

這個視頻的重點是要告訴你,歷史是統治階級寫的,不是普通人,統治階級可以在需要的時候說謊。 以西班牙流感為例,1918 年西班牙流感的死亡率從早期的 15 萬人上升到 100 年後的 1 億人。

The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax

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