why most stock traders lose money? 為什麼大多數股票交易者會賠錢?

Day trading can be profitable if you are able to do it right. But most people (75 to 90% people) cannot win or lose money. If you are a trader or going to try day trading, you are at high risk of losing money unless you are well prepared.

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如果您能夠正確地進行日間交易,則可以獲利。 但大多數人(75% 到 90% 的人)不會贏或輸錢。 如果您是交易員或打算嘗試日內交易,除非您做好充分準備,否則您將面臨很高的虧損風險。

如果您有興趣學習有利可圖的交易策略,請通過 0215 @ protonmail.com 聯繫 Lu 博士。

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