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We are looking to hire writers in USA, India and China. Positions can be part time or full time.

Writers in the US should have a good science background and proficient writing skills.  Both student writers and professional writers are welcome.

Writers in India should have a solid science background preferably nutrition or other health related health sciences, great skills in reading original scientific reports, writing proficiently in English.  Their job is to read original scientific reports, write their summary-type reports in English.

Writers in China should have a solid science background preferably in nutrition, or health related sciences, good skills in reading English scientific reports, and writing proficiently in Chinese.  Their job is to read literature in English and write summary type reports in Chinese.

Interested parties please send your resumes to [email protected]


我们正在寻找美国的作家, 印度和中国的作家。 职位可以是兼职或全职。

美国的作家应该有良好的科学背景和熟练的写作技巧。 欢迎学生作家和专业作家。

印度的作家应该有扎实的科学背景,最好是营养学或其他与健康相关的健康科学,阅读原始科学报告的能力强,能熟练地用英语写作。 他们的工作是阅读原始科学报告,用英文撰写摘要式报告。

中国的作家应具有扎实的科学背景,最好是营养学或健康相关科学,具有良好的阅读英文科学报告的能力,并能熟练地用中文写作。 他们的工作是阅读英文文献并用中文撰写摘要报告。

有意者请将简历发送至[email protected]

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