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You should ditch,, and ASAP and start using is the best you can use even though some functions of the email are still rudimentary.  This email allows to transfer your old emails from those mainstream emails.

你應該盡快放棄、 和,並開始使用。 是您可以使用的最好的,即使電子郵件的某些功能仍處於初級階段。 該電子郵件允許從那些主流電子郵件中轉移您的舊電子郵件。 and many other email services may not be as good as you thought if you value your personal privacy.  They are required by some government to retain a hard copy of all your emails which can be used by the government in case it needs to make a case against you.  The content you communicate may not violate any law or regulation, but your behavior for instance what your said in your email can be used to profile your character. If you have said something politically incorrect or said something negative to vent the emotion you experienced because of some life hardship, then you may be in trouble already. or offers a password-protected email delivery system.   The content is secured and the email recipient needs a password to unlock the email which is hosted in a server, which is located highly secured in Switzerland.   (Switzerland will not send your emails to any government because its law is most friendly to your privacy). You can set up the deadline for the recipient to fetch your email.  After that deadline, the link will disappear and will delete the email from its server leaving no trace of anything about your email.  Even does not have a means to have a peek of your email.  This is different from and many others which keeps everything you wrote and sent to the recipient.

Sign-up is free of charge.  Certainly you can pay to have more resources and functions for  your email address.


Pm.me或protonmail.com提供了受密码保护的电子邮件传递系统。内容是安全的,电子邮件接收者需要密码才能解锁托管在瑞士高度安全的protonmail.com服务器中托管的电子邮件。 (瑞士不会将您的电子邮件发送给任何政府,因为其法律对您的隐私最为友好)。您可以设置收件人提取电子邮件的截止日期。在该期限之后,该链接将消失,并且protonmail.com将从其服务器中删除电子邮件,不留任何痕迹。甚至protonmail.com也没有办法窥视您的电子邮件。这与gmail.com和许多其他网站不同,后者保留您编写并发送给收件人的所有内容。


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